“Maggie came in with a handful of leaves, which she rinsed, chopped, and sprinkled over the arrangement on her plate. The dark green bits looked nice against the red tomatoes and white cheese.

‘What is that called?’

‘This? Tomato salad, I guess.’

‘I thought maybe it was from—your country.’

Maggie seemed amused. ‘Oh, no, just my own invention, really. A Maggie salad. My father loves it too, I make it for lunch sometimes in the summer, if he is there.’”                                           The Caregiver, 2014, by Maria Theresa Casale

Maggie Salad


1-2 ripe red tomatoes, cut in wedges

1 cup ricotta cheese

1 lime, cut in wedges

Mint leaves or chives, chopped

Salt to taste

Arrange tomatoes on plate, scoop ricotta into the middle, squeeze one lime wedge over all, sprinkle with herbs and salt. Serve additional lime wedges on the side. There is no point making this unless you have good summer tomatoes.

Savor, and think of home.