This is a Little Free Library. They are popping up all over my town. Neighbors use them to find something new to read and pass along books they are done with. We pass this one every day when I take my daughter to school.

“You should leave a book there,” she suggested one day. (I’m pretty sure she was motivated by filial pride, not just the desire to get rid of the carton of books she’s been sharing the back seat with).

I thought about it a bit, and the next day I pulled over and left a copy of The Caregiver right inside the little glass doors, facing out so I could see it as I drove by. I snagged a copy of Death at Pemberley, since I was there and I’ve heard good things about it. Then I kept an eye out every day as I drove by. Today it was gone! ¬†Someone picked it out and is going to read it. Very exciting! For more information on this great community idea, check out .IMG_20150327_083012_rewind