A companion piece to “Seven Things About Me–Reading Division.”

1.  I write from the beginning of whatever I’m working on to somewhere in the middle, then I write the end. Then I go back and write the rest if the middle one I can see where I’m going to end up.

2.  I’m a sucker for pretty notebooks.

3. And even more so for great, fine point pens, black ink only.

4.  I have to be careful what I read when I’m writing. Ever picked up a nasty style bug from, say, the highly contagious Henry James? Then you know what I mean.

5. I always put something I really love into a piece: a name, a flower, something I noticed years ago but never wrote down.

6.    I go over and over scenes in my head until I can actually see them, like watching TV. Then I watch them and write down what’s happening.

7.    I love commas and semicolons and hate quotation marks.