Trying my hand at the current challenge of posting 7 things about yourself–but making it my reading self (which is after all one of the most important!) Many thanks to Marguerite Ferra for the idea!

1.  Sometimes (rarely) I break down and skip to the end to see what happens/whodunit/if my favorite characters survived or got together.  And yes, The Deathly Hallows was one of those (rare, I swear!) times.

2.  I am hard on books. I try to read during other, incompatible activities like taking baths, doing dishes, cooking and eating ice cream cones. This results in a lot of puffy, ruffly-paged paperbacks. I usually refrain from reading while driving, though.

3. Some of my favorite writers are men, but I am much more likely to buy books by women.

4.  I still have all my children’s books from when I was a kid. I still read them. Sometimes I buy them. For myself.

5. I can’t fall asleep without reading first. This seems to be hereditary–my mom couldn’t, my daughter can’t…I picture my long-ago maternal ancestors staring at the cave wall and complaining,”I just feel like there’s something else I should be doing before I fall asleep.” (Stares disconsolately at empty primordial hands).

6.  I re-read books over and over again. There are some I read every winter or every summer. Others I read even more often than that.

7.  I have been told I “inflict books on people.” (I believe the person who said this was staggering from my house with a pile of my books and fending me off as I tried to add more. Hey, people have different hospitality styles).

The bookwormrrriot blog was an effort to channel #7 into a socially acceptable channel. What are your reading characteristics?