Usually I avoid New Years Resolutions, that dreary round of declaring war on minor vices, planning to improve our characters and physique past their comfortable limits through strenuous effort.  Of recent years my resolutions have been things like “Have more fun” and “Laugh more” or I’ve skipped them entirely. But for some reason in 2015 I feel called to make a few writing-related resolutions, ones I feel like doing and therefore might actually keep.

1)  Do The Artist’s Way. Again. Julia Cameron is a creativity genius, and every time I start to follow her program I get tons done, until I start skipping morning pages, being too busy for the weekly artist’s date…not this time.

2)  Get to writing group. Through snow, through sleet, through dark of night which it pretty much is at this time of year. I.Will.go.

3)  Have fun with it. I wanted to go into detailed plans for revising, submitting, etc. But plans are not resolutions, and every time I decide I have to finish my vegetables before I allow myself any dessert, metaphorically speaking, I end up with neither. So this year I resolve to work on whatever feels like fun at the time.

Happy New year to all of you and may your resolutions be a pleasure to keep!