Of course I have to reblog this! Makes a nice break from tooting my own horn….


Dear Readers,

I needed a new hat because Old Man Winter is paying a visit and I hope that he wears out his welcome.  If indeed, he is welcome?

I took this selfie on the Patco Speedline from Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden to 16th and Locust in Philly.  It says a lot about commuters that no one paid attention to me taking photos of myself on a train. What does it say about me?  I’m too old to embarrass myself?

Retirement is proving to be busier than anticipated, especially since we got our puppy, Finn. I guess I had forgotten how puppies need lots of time, just like little kids.  However, Finn has brought a lot of fun and love into our home. My husband, Carlos, and I are a lot of fun, too, but we were lacking certain activities in our lives–going outside every waking hour to look at sticks and leaves, tossing tennis…

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