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Bookworm Rrriot is a blog dedicated to reading, writing and books.  It favors the small and quirky, or sometimes just the quirky.  BR is not a sunflower but a narcissus, inviting a slower step, a closer look.  Not a birthday cake, all sugar, air, flames and frosting, but a coffee cake–maybe a little plain and lumpy on the outside, but inside, full of nuts and spices.  Not a…. well, you get the idea.

Come here for ideas on what to read, what not to read, overlooked or forgotten books, overrated books, interviews with writers and readers.  Thoughts on writing, writing prompts, writing pet peeves.  Grammar maven sniping.  Persnickety views on literature, occasional rants, inexplicable enthusiasms explained at length.  Some of my own work, for your persnickety views (or perfectly understandable enthusiasm).

Nutty.  Spicy.  Consider yourself warned.